This area is one of the most pleasant of the Lombardy; the merit is the variety of its landscape: the splendid coast of the middle and western Lario and the colorful prealpine valleys, rich of grasslands, chestnut woods, thick woods that scramble up on the flanks of mounts, until the high pastures where there are ancient mountain huts and alpine shelters.

The Valsassina offers the higher mountains of the PreAlps Orobiche: the group of the Grigne, the Legnone, the Peak Tre Signori, the Campelli and the famous Resegone, where the lover of the mountain will be able to find uncontaminated spaces, and the tourists, the hikers, the sportsmen, those who need rest and tranquillity, will find the ideal atmosphere for a serene and healthy stay.

This is a wide valley, lied down in the heart of the PreAlps, that goes by from lacustrine landscapes to summits that reach 2,500 meters of height; it is placed in a barycentric position regarding the two great Lombardic areas of the Alps and the plain and, for this reason, it is considered transit area, disproving the impression of difficult access. In the valley, there are a lot of towns, along the slopes of the mountain, until approximately 1000 meters of height. These are disposed on two sides of the road and are connected one to the other by the route 36 that offers the most immediate accesses to the Valsassina, from Lecco (Via Ballabio) and Bellano (via Taceno), to the Coast of the Lario from Bellano to Colico.

The best characteristic of this area are, of course, the green, the tranquillity, the silence that the lake, the valleys, the mountains offer to those who, obsessed and dazed from the phrenetic city life, is looking for peace. In the towns there are lodges, hotels and pensions - apartments for vacations - camping sites - stores - sources of mineral water - clubs - religious, medical and first aid services.




Premana is perhaps the most characteristic town of the Val Varrone, it rises on the low slopes of the mounts Legnone and Pizzo Alto, that are the higher tops of the Orobiche PreAlps. The town, that has a medieval structure, is famous since the ...

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Barzio lies in privileged position, dipped in the green and in front of the Grigne; anciently it was known with the names of Barzo, Barso, Barsio. In XVI century it counted 315 inhabitants that lived in simple wooden houses with porches; towar ...

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Over a classical structure terraced with houses arranged along Via Vittorio Emanuele. At number 18, it is a fresco, probably of the eighteenth century, depicting the Madonna of the belt with the Saints. But it is not the only example of popular devot ...

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Margno the beginning of '500 suffered for a short time the rule of Gian Giacomo Medici, called the Medeghino; later it became a fief of the Mountains. Note is the parish of San Bartolomeo (XV century) that has within it a pulpit and carved wooden co ...

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Esino Lario

Esino is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Alps of Lombardy, northwest of the northern Grigna and under Pizzi Parlasco. The village is divided into two lower and upper cores, reachable going up from Varenna, either going from Parlas ...

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It is situated in the wide and sunny valley on the road that connects the major centers in a landscape of particular natural beauty, varied and relaxing.
Around the central core, in a higher position and the villages of Indovero Narro are placed ...

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The village lies on the slopes of Mount Olino in front of the Grigna and occupies a large surface area. The charming resort town and destination for trekking and mountain bike enthusiasts but also for those looking for peace and tranquility.


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The valley of the river Varrone is the most rugged and picturesque part of the eastern shore of the lake, and the mountains that separate it from Valtellina are the highest chain of the Lecco area.
This valley is set against the mountains Legnon ...

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The town, surrounded by mountains and fascinating passes, is characterized by a fresh and mild climate, favoured by waters of the torrents that slide to its flanks, the Acquadura, the Pioverna and the Troggia that, not a lot far away, forms the homon ...

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The country is located in a green saddle between the Southern Grigna and Mount Two Hands. The town has two centers: Ballabio Superiore Ballabio Inferiore and that, until 1927, were autonomous.

In the medieval period, the village was fortif ...

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From Moggio through a convenient motorable road and mountain paths you reach the Pass of the climax of San Pietro which comes with beautiful extensions of meadows suitable pasture, some farmhouse, restored huts and a church dedicated precisely to Sai ...

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