The town, surrounded by mountains and fascinating passes, is characterized by a fresh and mild climate, favoured by waters of the torrents that slide to its flanks, the Acquadura, the Pioverna and the Troggia that, not a lot far away, forms the homonymous waterfall.

In XIV century, it was political and administrative center of the Valsassina. It had a palace of prethorium, center of the general Council of the Podestà, in which in 1388 the - civil and criminal Statutes of the community of the Valsassina- were read and published. The waters of the torrents moved the forges that processed the iron, illuminating the nights with reverberate of the blast furnaces. An activity that lasted several centuries, from the Visconteo dominion to the one of Maria Teresa.

In the town houses with frescoes and coats of arms remain; of the ancient fortifications, the Torre Medioevale (XI-XII century) is still visible, with, in the beams, the bullets Grigioni shoot in the attack of 1571. In the time the tower endured many transformations and seems that the current aspect can be dated back to XIV century.

Remarkable is the social and economic evolution: Introbbio, beyond being an interesting tourist locality, has a remarkable entrepreneurial activity. The origin of the name drifts from the fusion of the two Latin words - Inter Orobios- (between the Orobi), that were the first inhabitants of these valleys.



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