Premana is perhaps the most characteristic town of the Val Varrone, it rises on the low slopes of the mounts Legnone and Pizzo Alto, that are the higher tops of the Orobiche PreAlps. The town, that has a medieval structure, is famous since the Roman age for the handicraft processing of the iron, and the presence of mines in the valley concurred in making Premana provisioning center for war tools. Currently it is a large center of tools.

It is the most populated town of the Valsassina and the Valvarrone, it never knew the depopulation, typical of these areas, and therefore maintained ancient traditions and today it is one of the most interesting towns in Northern Italy, also from the ethnographic point of view.
The surrounding area offers optimal possibilities for tours, both during summer and winter, for calm vacations and ski-alpine excursions.

The industrial and handicraft production regards essentially cut tools (knives and scissors of all kinds) and tools for the mountaineering.
Beyond to its flourishing handicraft, Premana is also famous for its traditional feminine costume; walking at the discovery of Premana, while admiring the ancient porches, it's easy to see some old woman, that still wears the typical work-costume, or to attend to a wedding where all the invited women wear the beautiful - morel-.



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