The territory which extends from Lake Como to Lake Lugano as far as the border with Switzerland belongs to the province of Como and is situated in the north-western zone. Driving up from Menaggio to the valley which approaches Lake Lugano we can get to Lago di Piano.
This is a natural oasis which is currently being improved in order to create new resourses such as guided routes for flora and wildlife observation. The Lombard Regional Authority declared it a natural Reserve in 1984 and handed the direction over to the Comunità Montana Alpi Lepontine. During the last century a canal was dug out, named "Lagadone" in order to try and drain the lake to retreive the arable land which links it to the Ceresio.

The major valleys are Val Menaggio, Val Rezzo, Val Cavargna and Val Sanagra. They present harsh profiles but at the same time are magical. They are rich in vegetation and are cut by countless torrents and surrounded by numerous peaks such a Monte Crocione (1,641 mts), Monte di Tremezzo (1,700 mts), Monte Galbiga (1,698 mts), Sasso Bianco (1,262 mts). To the north there is the range which starts from Garzirola to Pizzo di Gino, on which we can pinpoint Sasso Cima Verta (2,078 mts), Monte Bregagno (2,107 mts) and Pizzo di Gino, the highest peak in the territory (2,245 mts).

During the Quaternary era this territory was covered with glaciers which left only the ranges and the highest peaks uncovered. A gigantic strip of ice descended from Valtellina and Spluga branching off towards Lake Ceresio in the Menaggio area. For thousands of years this ice shaped the land finally bequeathing the Lake of Como at 199 mts above sea level and Lake Lugano at 271 metres. Lake Lugano with its very irregular shape reaches a maximum depth of 288 mts. Enchanting localities look over the lake from its shores.



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