It is situated in the wide and sunny valley on the road that connects the major centers in a landscape of particular natural beauty, varied and relaxing.
Around the central core, in a higher position and the villages of Indovero Narro are placed, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Mount Cross and the entire Valsassina. It is located in a strategic position to spot potential dangers of invasions from the Valtellina. This importance is evidenced by the remains of some fortifications.

Many walks with clean, well-marked trails of medium difficulty, accessible to all. Monte Basso and Giumello you can also walk to climbing on the old mule track from Narro rises among beautiful chestnut woods (route 9). You can climb even from Indovero - Ortighera - S. Ulderico - Alpe Giumello, descending from Monte Basso in Narro (path n. 4-9), a beautiful hill overlooking the lake from Vendrogno -Mornico - Tedoldo, then for Monte Basso (trail n. 11), or going directly to the Alpe Giumello (path n. 6).

Alpe Giumello is also a popular station for paragliding where, in recent years, have played the Italian championships.



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