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The Lake Como measures 146 square kms and is the third biggest Italian lake after Lake Garda and Lake Verbano. It has a characteristic upside-down Y shape with Colico to the north Lecco to the south-east and Como to the south-west. Its perimetre measures 170kms. The maximum length between Como and Gera Lario is 50km; the maximum width between Fiumelatte and Cadenabbia is 4.4km; the minimum width between Careno and Toriggia measures 650mts; its maximum depth of 410 metres between Argegno and Nesso makes it the deepest of all the European lakes; its average above-sea level is 199mts. The lake is entirely surrounded by mountains, the highest being Monte Legnone (2609mt) above Colico. There are 37 rivers flowing into the lake the most important being the Adda followed by the Mera. The Adda is also its only outlet. It flows out through Lecco and after having formed the lakelets of Garlate and Olginate it continues towards the Po river. The only island of the lake is Isola Comacina, situated in the Como branch of the lake opposite the commune of Sala Comacina.


Origins of the lake Como

Origins of the lake ComoAs with most subalpine lakes of Italy, the geological origin of the Lake of Como is of a glacial sort. During the quaternary era the whole of the basin was covered by a grand glacier which reached as far as Brianza beyond the lake branches of Como a ...

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The climate and the flora

The Lake of Como is particularly favourable and renowned for its generally mild and humid climate which assists the lushness of nature. All of this is possible due to the Alpine ridge which resists the winds from the north and also because of the g ...

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Craft and industry

industria lago di ComoThe provinces of Como and Lecco were among the first areas to be industrialized in Italy. They are historically very important especially in the industrial sector characterized by the presence of many textile and woodwork factories. Since anc ...

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The Winds

rainbow lake comoThe lake is situated in a basin area and is surrounded by mountains divided by numerous valleys which reach the banks of the lake.
These allow a great variety of air currents to circulate the lake waters, especially around the Lecco branch and ...

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