The valley of the river Varrone is the most rugged and picturesque part of the eastern shore of the lake, and the mountains that separate it from Valtellina are the highest chain of the Lecco area.
This valley is set against the mountains Legnone and Legnoncino and is crossed by the homonymous stream from the mountains above Premana goes to flow into the lake, in Dervio. The lower part of the valley is a homogeneous territory history and traditions and therefore seems appropriate the recent establishment of the Union of Municipalities of Valvarrone.

The four municipalities that are part of it and that is Introzzo, Sueglio, Tremenico and Vestreno, total count for little less than a thousand inhabitants.


Anyone, stranger decided to stop in the country for some time had to pay a tax, a introgium. He had to pay even those taking public office. The name seems well explained. The small town with ancient houses built in gray stone blocks, little distant from each other, overlooking cobbled alleys, is located in a side valley of the Valsassina, the Valvarrore, crossed by the homonymous stream, a valley with steep slopes and wooded chestnut, larch and fir.


It is an ancient town consists of old stone houses, adorned with ancient tiles and baroque frescoes, close to each other, where it is still on holidays, women wear characteristic and colorful costumes. Although the fraction of Avano, located on the way to Pagnona, retains some old houses, of which one characteristic to a giant fresco of the seventeenth century religious subjects that adorns the façade. With only a few minutes' drive from Tremenico and Avano, they reach Roccoli Loria and his namesake refuge, with trails for the ascent of Mount Legnoncino and the Monte Legnone. From these peaks you will have a splendid view.


Thanks to its geographical location has a mild climate, in fact in the narrow gorge of the valley the country is protected on two sides by the Legnone chain, about a third from the peaks of Muggiasca, the only outlet is represented by the valley that opens onto the lake.


It is a charming village crossed by numerous picturesque lanes and collects, on the slopes of its mountains, elegant Baroque buildings. From Sueglio you can reach different locations, including the pond Artesso where a path that passes by the door to the hut Bellano Roccoli Lorla.
Walking along this track meet even the old trenches and the First World War who recently have been arranged to make them visitable. Once at Roccoli Lorla, it easily will rise to Legnoncino with a wide mule track, newly baptized by the WWF of Lecco, Erica path.



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