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Pognana-Faggeto Lario

The city of territory Pognana Lario part from the lake shore and climb up to Mount Preàola, with a succession of small villages of considerable environmental interest divided by the deep valley of Rovasco that leaves to the right and left Rovasco and Quarzano Canzaga and Oréa.

The area has been inhabited since Roman times, as attested by several finds of funerary tombs. In the Middle Ages was a fortified village. That's why the top of the village is still called Castle. Only traces remain of the fortress walls of local stone, and in the lower part of the town, an underpass sometimes with buttresses.
The local economy is based in part on tourism, especially after the construction of a tourist village with three hundred seats. The main activity that once flanked agriculture was extracting moltrasina stone. Today it is not very common because only a quarry remained open. Discreet is the craftsmanship of the wire, typical handicraft activities of the country from ancient times.

The town of Faggeto Lario , whose name derives from the presence of many beech forests in the territory, was established in 1928. It is composed of four hamlets of Faggeto Riva is coastal and Molina, Lemna and Palanzo are the mountain.

A Palanzo, every year, on the occasion of the -Sagra Torchio-, is put into operation an ancient wine press dating back to the second half of the sixteenth century carved from a single walnut trunk, now owned by the municipality. From here you can be reached through paths, the cores that were once the pastures but which today are used as holiday homes. Near the top of the Palanzone is the William Cave one of the best known among those of karstic origin of the province.
Molina is visible at a ravine formed by a roaring waterfall of Molina stream.



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