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Griante - Cadenabbia

The village lies on a broad plateau fifty meters above the lake, opposite the peninsula of Bellagio, just where the Lario reaches its maximum amplitude.
Cadenabbia is one of the most important villages that make up the municipality, situated on the slopes of Mount Crocione, in silent, quiet, out of traffic. Its name comes from the contraction and the corruption of the: - Ca'of Nauli-, ie -House of Barcaioli-. In ancient times, in fact, in this place it stood an inn where they used to stop the boatmen (Nauli) than with their comballi (merchant ships flat bottom) carrying goods and commodities from Lecco and Como riparian countries.

Between the end of 1400 and throughout 1500, Griante was at the center of raids, robberies, arson and destruction by soldiers of fortune, Grisons, Lansquenets and Lutherans who fought in the long and bloody wars of religion and power between Spain and France in Lombard territory.

The town of Griante is a long time, considered an excellent tourist center, just think that the first hotel was built in 1800 by G. Pianella and is still functioning. Over the years in this location they sojourned illustrious tourists, among which include Stendhal, Giuseppe Verdi, the American poet Longfellow, the Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Archduke Nicholas II of Russia and, more recently the chancellor Konrad Adenauer , one of the European Union advocates.

Tourist particular was Charles William Franzani, died at Carlisle in 1813, which left the great wall of the backyard Franzani his portrait.



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