D'Intelvi Valley

D'Intelvi Valley is approximately twelve kilometers long and it is away Como of approximately 20 kilometers to the north, between the lake Como (Lario) and the lake of Lugano (Ceresio) and it is cut through by the river Telo. It is a sunny and pleasant valley, open to the mountains, characterized by green pastures and morenic slopes. Furthermore, the two lakes make the climate mild and enough damp, so the luxuriant vegetation make the colour green the most important characteristic of the area.

The landscape can be considered one of the most beautiful among the Lombardy. This valley has holiday localities and old villages, that can be reached in three different ways: from Argegno on the Lake Como, from Osteno on the lake of Lugano and from Lanzo through the Val Mara.


The d'Intelvi valley is near the border between Italy and the Helvetic Confederation and the smuggling has always been practised here by the local population.
The Italian word - contrabbando - derives from contrabbandum, that, in medieval Latin, indicates what goes against the laws, against bans.
The goods to smuggle were crammed cloth bags called -bricole-, and carried along mountain paths by men called -spalloni- .



San Fedele Intelvi

San Fedele Intelvi is a famous and lively tourist center on the wide plateau of Aprica (750 m) between the lariano and the Swiss versant of Lugano, at the crossing of the valley roads.

The townhall territory extends until Monte Gene ...

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Lanzo Intelvi

Lanzo d'Intelvi is not only the main town, and highest in the valley, but also the most important for tourism, with big hotels, numerous villas and sports facilities.

The country, consisting of the fraction of Scaria and village of ...

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The village is 650 meters above sea level and is the summer destination of hikers. From here numerous excursions immersed in the green, with vast horizons towards the lake and its mountains. Through a discreet carriage road you can climb up to Sass ...

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The ancient settlement of Roman origin, lies in a large valley shaded by woods and dominated by a lovely castle.

There is little information about the history and the economic and tourist development of the municipality, but we do know tha ...

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Cerano Intelvi

The settlement includes three small villages: Giuslino, Cerano and Veglio who have preserved, despite the transformations related to the tourist vocation, visible significant episodes of mural architecture. Are noteworthy characteristic underpasses t ...

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Pellio Intelvi

The center of Pellio occupies an area of ​​approximately 10 square kilometers on a sunny plateau of the Valle d'Intelvi from which you can admire a splendid panorama and which divides the two sides of Lake Como and Lake Lugano.


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Urbanistically Lazy is the only town, along with the town of Ponna in Val d'Intelvi, to have maintained the typical mountain village configuration with low buildings placed against each other intersected by narrow cobblestone streets, steep and equip ...

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