Urbanistically Lazy is the only town, along with the town of Ponna in Val d'Intelvi, to have maintained the typical mountain village configuration with low buildings placed against each other intersected by narrow cobblestone streets, steep and equipped steps built according to the mountain experience in a position to promote the melting of the snow.

The country occupies an area of about 5 square kilometers in a plateau of the mountain ridge, at the mouth of the Val d'Intelvi, above the village of Argegno.

Although it is not at a high altitude, we are at 881 m, is considered one of the most scenic spots of the lake: the Belvedere, the view sweeps from the first reservoir to the mountains dell'altolago until the Grigne chain while turning our gaze down you can see the Comacina Island, the tip of Lavedo and the promontory of Bellagio.



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