Pellio Intelvi

The center of Pellio occupies an area of ​​approximately 10 square kilometers on a sunny plateau of the Valle d'Intelvi from which you can admire a splendid panorama and which divides the two sides of Lake Como and Lake Lugano.

The country consists of two centers: Pellio Superiore or Pelsopra which is 850 m above sea level and Pellio Inferiore or Pelsotto lower place, 750 m. A Pellio Inferiore was born in 1610, in the house that remembers him with a plaque, the sculptor Ercole Ferrata, who died in Rome in 1686. Ercole Ferrata was a well-known sculptor of busts and is remembered not only because it was the most famous of the Magistri but also Intelvesi because he established the first pharmacy in the valley. In his honor was held in Pellio in 1910 an exhibition of works of art of the artists of the valley.

Several were the archaeological remains found at the Piano delle Noci, towards Mount Dosso and the Brione, that give witness to the existence of a core group of prehistoric people. A necropolis with seven incineration tombs and iron ornaments, bronze and clay, brought to light in the sports field of Pellio Superiore (1926), however, shows us that the first inhabitants of the area were the Etruscans - of which the Greeks and Romans They remain also traces of ancient fortifications (castles) in San Giorgio for Pellio Superiore and -Carlasc- area for Pellio Inferiore.



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