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The village of Musso is reared over by great marble quarries in the rock face of Musso called 'Il Sasso'. These quarries, since ancient times supplied marble for buildings and monuments such as the Cathedral of Como in the Lario region and "The Arco della Pace" (Arch of Peace) and the War Memorial in Milan.

Musso is characterised by old houses which boarder the Strada Regina and by low porticos near lake in the small square close to the quay. In the 1500s the Castle of the 'Medeghino' better known at the time as the adventurer and buccaneer Gian Giacomo de Medici, stood here.
The hamlets however reach a higher altitude along the slopes of Monte Bregagno. Today it is a calm places of holiday that offers numerous goals for the lovers of trekking and mountainbiking.

Pianello del Lario
The village is made up of several hamlets of old houses decorated with ancient wall frescoes. These hamlets which lie along the gentle slopes of Monte Bregagno preserve in their name the memory of ancient Roman 'remnants'.
Calozzo which is seat to the Town Hall, has its houses lined along the banks of the lake; Maggiana, Rovezzano and Sant'Anna are towards inland on the hills which look over the lake.

Pianello has characteristic "Crotti" which are natural openings in the calcareous rock suitable as wine cellars for their coolness. Pianello is set in a privileged position and because of its characteristic natural aspect it offers a particularly relaxing environment and nearby entertainment and leisure. There are interesting walks which from the lake lead to the various hamlets.



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