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This important tourist and industrial centre of the Alto Lario is built on the plain formed by the mouth of the river Albano. Dongo faces Monte Legnone and the northern Grigne mountains. It is an old and dynamic town facing the bay. It is a greatly visited tourist resort and has witnessed many important historic events.

Dongo is of Roman origin and it united with the administration of Gravedona and Sorico in 1534 forming the county of the Tre Pievi which was submitted to Tolomeo Gallio by Philip II of Spain in 1580. During the municipal period it was a centre surrounded by walls, a small part of which is still visible with an arch entrance in Piazza Vertua Gentile.

Dongo is particularly remembered as being the background to important events at the end of the fascist period. It was here that on 28th April 1945 fascist party officials who had been trying to escape into Switzerland with Mussolini were shot by the partisans after having been captured the day before between Musso and Dongo.

The locals recall that after the execution of the fascist officials the lakeside in Dongo used to become the scene of brawls and political rows at every anniversary of the 25th April between partisans who gathered to celebrate the Liberation and the fascist nostalgics who wanted to commemorate their fallen.



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