Ethnographic Museum - Premana

It is a small museum with twenty years of life, there are no treasures, collect small things, go for housewives hand, a modest artisans, farmers, such as they were, and still are, the old and the new generations of country.
The credit for this achievement goes to a few fans. We remember in particular the tireless work of Mr. Pianola Baptist who, together with the rag. Antonio Bellati, he devoted himself with passion and commitment to the initiative.
About 130 donors contributed to the recovery of the material. Collections, after the renovation of the building, have been completely rearranged.

It has a projection room with slides and videotapes about the past work as well as an interesting photo exhibition realized in the local periodical care -The Corno-. In 1995 it was formed the Association of -Friends Premana- Museum. The aims of the Association consist of measuring dl heritage museum and heritage of the community and the premanese territory.
The Museum can be visited on weekends and in the afternoons of the summer.

Iron Room

Through a collection of tools and original artifacts, they will retrace the historical stages of the iron work in the territory of Premana. Pre-Roman times in which we began to mine the ore in the upper valley, activities that took place until the nineteenth century, in the days when the forgers premanesi emigrated to Venice, Milan, Carrara, to the current production of scissors (65 % of national production) and knives (50% of national production) which exposes the samples.
In our country, until a few decades ago, they still retained many traces of past agricultural reality and preartigianale, a reference to the exploitation of iron mines already in pre-Roman times. Today, unfortunately, we are rapidly declining old customs and traditions, perhaps thousands of years.



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