Piani di Artavaggio - Moggio

They are also called -Pian de la Questiun-, because of the different municipalities that they contend the property. At the time, when the plane belongs to the Duchy of Milan, and bordered the Serenissima, the old Cazzaniga Refuge is right on the border as the Bergamo Nicola. Today, while the first is located in the Municipality of Barzio as evidenced by the cadastral maps, Campelli whole area belongs to the City of Cremeno.
Among the Artavaggio plans and those of Bobbio stand the numerous peaks of the Campelli group, preceded by Monte Sodadura and Piazzo Top with the underlying Alpe Piazzo, probably so named because of their flat structure. The group includes the Campelli Basin that extends below the Cazzaniga and that of Pratorotondo embracing all the pastures of Vallone, where stands the old Rifugio Casari and -Coro-. It called as well as the back of the churches, and 'a huge area located just behind the Campelli group and winds from the mouth of Campelli to the dropout.
Currently the Artavaggio Plans allow sports to practice as well as hiking, skiing, horseback riding, ice skating in winter, mountain biking and new disciplines such as snowboarding or telemark which 'was recently consecrated a track. After years of waiting, finally December 23, 1998 the area 'was officially equipped with the electric current.



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