• Oratorio di Santa Maria Maddalena
  • Oratorio di Santa Maria Maddalena
  • Oratorio di Santa Maria Maddalena

Oratorio di Santa Maria Maddalena

The oratory of Santa Maria Maddalena, formerly called -S. Mary Magdalene et hospitale-, is linked to the medieval hospice for pilgrims.
Oratory and to the hospice has been linked for many centuries even the noble family of Giovio Como which held the -jus patronato- lay the complex, enshrined in a papal bull since 1496 and witnessed by a plaque in 1506 by Count Gabriele Jovius but altered by subsequent restorations.

The single nave Romanesque building, ending with a semicircular apse and is lit by windows with a double splay opening along the longitudinal walls.
Outside under the eaves line runs along the entire perimeter and an apse semicircle hanging arches end.

Inside the church there are remnants of paintings, some very damaged, as for example the one in the apse where only glimpsed the symbols of costellazioni.Il best preserved is a fresco depicting members of the Giovio family who offer themselves to the Virgin surrounded by saints, considered belonging to the Lombard school of the sixteenth century. The altar depicting St. Mary Magdalene penitent and the coat of arms of the Giovio family, is in scagliola a typical work of Master Intelvesi.

Worthy of interest is the well-known Romanesque church of -campaniletto- which initially ended above the present mullioned window while all the original belfry in ogival style terracotta we see today, was superimposed between the fourteenth and fifteenth century, in the form of a second flowering.



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