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The Moto Guzzi is known all over the world as - L' Aquila (the eagle) di Mandello-. But only a few know the reason why on the intentional brand conceived by Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi in 1921, when their adventure in the world of the motocycles began, there is a flying eagle. It is a short history that is worth of being told.

Carlo Guzzi was a young technic, who lived in Mandello; it had the passion of motorbikes and elaborated a plan, in which it believed too much, for the construction of a absolutely original model. At the outburst of First World War, Carlo Guzzi was called as technical engineer in the air battalion of the Italian army. He knew two official pilots, Giorgio Parodi, son of a shipowner from Genoa, and Giovanni Ravelli, famous figure in the motorcycle's races. Between the three soldiers great familiarity born, thanks to the common passion for the motorcycles and the flight; they decided that, at the end of the war, they would establish a society and a motorcycle industry, based on the technical ideas of Guzzi, the capital of Parodi and the power, as a pilot, of Ravelli. They did it, but unfortunately Giovanni Ravelli could not take part at the adventure: a few days after the end of the war he died in a flight accident. To honour him, the Aquila entered in the brand of the Moto Guzzi.


The Museum of Moto Guzzi is open every working day from 15.00 to 16.00. In some cases, with a reservation and only for numerous groups (at least fifteen people) is possible to visit it in saturday. The visit is free.
The building that contains the collection is inside the Moto Guzzi factory in Mandello of the Lario (tel. 0341/709111), the same factory in which, from 1921 until today the motorcycles have been producted. The virtual visit that we suggest exactly reflects the disposition.

At the entrance there are the two most important models of the history of the Moto Guzzi: - the Normale - of 1921 and the -8V- of 1957; then, upstairs, four halls in which there are the motorcycles and the different motors.
The visit develops through the original, glorious and famous creations that made the history of the House of Mandello, both on the market and in the international competitions.



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