Carnival of Schignano

The most important event of this small village is the carnival. And 'one of the most famous and interesting in the Como area, has ancient origins and is characterized by the contrast, without being in contact, mutual indifference, the Beautiful, that is, the lords and the Ugly, who represent the poor.
< br> Rich, said Mascarun or Bej, transforming themselves into the house with the help of family women, their costume is gorgeous and elegant. Wearing a large hat decorated with feathers, flowers and multicolored ribbons; on the breast, stuffed with dry leaves, bring watches, necklaces, pendants and tied his belt were of bronze bells while holding have items that show to the public with theatrical gestures.

The Brutti camouflage themselves in stables and barns out of the country, are covered with overalls and sheepskins, the body is completely remodeled with straw and leaves of corn up to pull out, shoulders carry the panniers full of waste and keep in holding an old suitcase, head wear large ox horns and transvestites in this way they run relentlessly through the streets of the country sounding their iron bells, roll on the ground and throw themselves to the ground as dead.

The procession is opened by Sapoeur, diggers, dressed in sheepskins and with their faces blackened, among them stands out a character undisguised called Sicurtà (Safety), which is intended to ensure the peaceful conduct of the parade. The evening of Shrove Tuesday appears, dragged down by a sled, Carlisep, puppet depicting the dying Carnival. The attempt to revive him failed and then you decide to burn it, but at this point Carlisep jumps up and runs away. Totally useless because it is taken up, replaced with a real puppet, he reported to the streets and burned.



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