• Abbadia Lariana

Abbadia Lariana

The village is situated on a cone similar to that of Lecco but smaller since most of the municipal area consists of steep slopes of the southern Grigna or Grignetta. The town is formed by a large delta symmetrically arranged with respect to the stream Zerbo.

Probably of Roman origin, was named from the ancient Benedictine abbey of San Pietro, built in the first half of the ninth century, then sold, by the archbishop of Milan, Milan abbey of St. Vincent, the saint to whom he was so devoted. The building, which stands along the main road, passed later by the Benedictines the Servites and has been lavishly remodeled in the late nineteenth century.

It is a quiet tourist center at the beginning of a real -Riviera of the sun- which extends up to Lierna, a dry and healthy climate.
Environmental interest alive, almost intact preservation of alleys and buildings, are the hilly hamlets of Abbadia Lariana: Crebbio, Linzanico and Borbino.

Fascinating is the walk to the trail that starts from the town, rises to Robianco after crossing the river Zerbo at Cascina del Ponte continues to the church of Santa Maria (949 m.) And following the Val Fredda you get right down to the Resinelli Plans .



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