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San Siro

The township of San Siro is extended on the south slopes of Monte Bregagno and is divided in 20 hamlets, some on the lake and many on the mountain slope. In each of them you find picturesque sites and important historic monuments such as the castle of Rezzonico of the 13th century, and the late Roman fortress on the right side of the church S. Maria Assunta in the hamlet Santa Maria.

The Parish church of S. Maria, built in the 14th century, was built to house the Domenicans and is richly decorated with paintings.
The walk from Nobiallo to Rezzonico along the old Roman road the “Antica Strada Regina”, which was an important connection between Como and the Alpine passes, will give you the opportunity to cross through the ancient settlements.
The walk from Breglia leading through several hamlets of the township such as Carcente, Treccione, Noledo Lucena, Marena, Roncate Carcente to Rezzonico, offers lovely views of the lake.



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